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Report: Costs for Publishing an Article


March 6, 2013     Download PDF

Based on operating costs in 2012, the journal department of the Macrothink Institute worked out a statistic report to reflect the costs for publishing an article in Macrothink’s journals:

 Direct costs related to single articles:

Item Amount Notes
Labor costs > 50.00 USD/article This covers author services, peer-review, editing, publishing, and other direct costs. It is an average across all submissions.
Paypal fee 3.50 USD/transaction Most transactions are processed by Paypal.
CrossCheck/ iThenticate 0.75 USD/article We enjoy a group discount price.
DOI fee 1.00 USD/DOI name We assign a DOI name to each article.
Print & Delivery 0.00 USD/article We publish online only, so there are no printing or mailing fees.
Maintenance fee 5.00 USD/article/year This reflects the approximate amount, including labor costs, online hosting, and backup fees, needed for website maintenance. We expect this amount to decrease in the future.

 Indirect costs that cannot be allocated to single articles and so are applied using an average:

Office rent

Office equipments

Office expenses

Payroll for administrative staff

Accounting and legal fees

Bank charges

Trademark fees

Marketing and advertisement

Technical support

Website hosting, design, and backup: we employ servers in three locations, for security and safe backup.

Keep Costs Low

The executives and staffs always travel economy class for business trips. We do not rent a premium office, and we do not sponsor luxury conferences or festival parties. Our goal is to serve journal publishing and to support research as frugally as possible, as we are committed to the academic community.

We struggle to retain the lowest operation costs in the industry. Any recommendations for reducing costs are most welcome.